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Amalfi sun & body oil

$39.95 CAD

Our Sun & Body Oil is made from natural & pure ingredients.

Our versatile sun and body oil is perfect for skins & hair that lack glows.This luxe oil offers an instant silky smooth skin and golden radiance – no Insta filter needed. The tan lasts longer and appears brighter and dewier. This blend of natural hero ingredients works together resulting in deeply hydrated skin and hair. Plus, it’s vegan and cruelty-free.

Your skin will thank you.

100 ml

Glow head-to-toe

This all-natural oil can be used for literally anything. Your body, your choice. Use it as a daily hydrating body oil, or as a soleil oil to enhance and extend your glow. Apply on your cheekbones to add a glossy dewy finish to your look. Use daily as a styling hair oil, add a few drops to your hair mask as a booster, or leave in as an overnight treatment. Fast absorbed, it won’t clog pores and can help treat dry skin and provide an instant glow. The ultimate tool for the skin and hair that you’ve always dreamed of! Plus, it smells better than it looks. Happy skin, happy you.

Hero Ingredients

Coconut Oil

Nourish, hydrate, replenish, protect… the ultimate mother of all oil. Nothing more to say.

Buriti Oil

Rich in carotenoids and antioxidant. Protect from sun damage, hydrate and promote a glowing complexion.

Cactus & desert plants blend

An antioxidant-rich synergy of Cactus Flower Extract, Agave, and Yucca to protect the skin from the ravages of the environment.

Urucum Powder

It’s our secret ingredient. It prepares skin for sun exposure, activate melanin and extremely rich in oligo-elements to give skin an instant glow right away. A real nature’s treasure.

​No phthalates, surfactants, petrolatums, BHT, BHA, parabens or silicones.

6 reviews for Amalfi sun & body oil

  1. Charlie-Eve

    Définitivement mon produit soleil chouchou qui m’accompagne depuis maintenant 3ans dans tous mes voyages

  2. Justine

    Huile folle !!! La meilleure huile de bronzage, point !

  3. Juliette

    L’huile aide vraiment à bronzer en plus d’hydrater ma peau! Je suis en amour avec ! 🙂

  4. Paola

    Un produit dans mes “summer essentials” les filles ! Je l’ai adopté since day 1 ????

  5. Béatrice

    Mon produit préféré durant l’été, en plus de permettre de bronzer, huile hydrate super bien !!!

  6. Marianne

    J’adore ????

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Amalfi sun & body oil

$39.95 CAD